img_3505.jpgWith the rise of the world of personalisation and customisation, Food of Me gives you permission to be picky. Making it possible to eat what you want, wherever you are.


Many of us have a specific way of eating. Be it vegan, low carb, gluten free or an allergy. Restaurants, fast food shops and cafes are gradually catching on to the growing trend of the specific customer however it is still seen as a frustration to waiters, chefs and fellow diners when one orders a burger without the bun, pasta without the butter or a salad with no dressing.


Food of Me addresses this issue, giving advice, ideas and recommendations of restaurants we have rated as FoM (Food of Me) Approved. Food of Me considers all types of eating styles when making it’s rating as what can work for some, doesn’t necessarily work for others. Every persons body is different and responds to different styles of eating and we celebrate that, any healthy choice for you is the right choice.


Additionally, Food of Me tries and tests health food products, to find out whether they are as healthy as they say and has a blog, all around eating styles, hormonal disorders or just general experience and advice.


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About the writer and creator of Food of Me – Hannah Powerhannahp


Hannah is a 24 year old Management Consultant living in South West London following a low carb plant based and fish diet (‘Pegan’!). The idea of Food of Me came to Hannah after yet another difficult dinner out, where getting a meal she could actually eat proved to be nearly impossible and very awkward. Hannah decided to start reviewing and rating restaurants after years of frustration having spent a year on Atkins, a year Paleo, 6 months vegan and now a low carb, ‘pegan’.


Hannah is passionate about simple, tasty healthy eating and hopes that Food of Me will change attitudes around specific eating styles be that in a restaurant or a coffee shop so that everyone can find something they not only can eat but actually
want to eat.


Hannah has been passionate about health, nutrition and food for 3 years following her diagnosis of PCOS and the death of her 29 year old cousin from cancer. During the last 3 years Hannah has spent countless hours reading books, journals and watching documentaries to understand the world of health. Hannah loves going out and finding new places to eat which is where the idea for Food of Me came from. Hannah has found more and more of her friends, family and work colleagues have changed their eating styles and struggle to eat out without ‘cheating’. Eating styles including veganism, Paleo, Atkins, vegetarian, pescatarian, celiac, dairy intolerance and FODMAP (a diet recommended for IBS sufferers) are just some of the eating styles which Hannah’s friends and family follow.


Hannah hopes to develop Food of Me into a recognised and respected review and rating site so that everyone can eat what they want, wherever they are and attitudes around someone changing their diet to make them healthier and happier  is seen as a positive, rather than a negative.


Follow Hannah on Twitter and Instagram @Hannahipower

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