Chain Restaurants

The restaurants here have been reviewed and approved by Food of Me against our 6 step criteria (below)

Food of Me’s goal is to make healthy eating as easy as possible, wherever you are and whatever you eat. Eating in restaurants is often one of the hardest parts of following a specific diet as being selective is labelled ‘picky’ and makes you appear high maintenance and difficult, often annoying the waiter and the person you’re at dinner, making you the dreaded ‘this without that’ person.

Food of Me believes that making a choice to be healthy shouldn’t be seen as a negative but as a positive. To make this possible, Food of Me reviews and rates restaurants on their ability to tailor their menu for their customers who have specific requirements, be that an allergy, an intolerance or simply a preference. Customisation is key.
Both chain and independent restaurants will be rated on the following 6 criteria, restaurants which get 75% or over are approved:

  1. Service and Attitude
  2. Ability to customise meal
  3. Taste
  4. Value for money
  5. Location
  6. Overall experience

Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas is a fresh, authentic Latin American restaurant. With over 50 restaurants across the UK, Tortilla Tuesday and a wide selection of food and cocktails it’s pretty much perfect. The menu is really varied, including a specific vegetarian and vegan menu which...

Pizza Express

In my opinion, Pizza Express does the best Pizza in the world. I think it’s because my family and I always went there when we were children, but even now I am rarely disappointed. Pizza express has been hugely adaptable over the recent years, bringing a gluten...