‘Flavour Garden means delicious wholesome food, packed with flavour and nutrition. Our chefs cook every dish from scratch each day with passion and flair – no reheating or half-measures here – from only the best ethically-sourced ingredients. It’s served up in our Urban Garden – a city sanctuary where you can take a seat at a table downstairs or kick back in an armchair on The Mezz upstairs.  In a rush? Don’t worry – all of our food is also available to take-away.’

Flavour Garden is based next to my office so I’ve had a fair few visits. It’s got a great atmosphere and is really well designed. The food is absolutely delicious, even the healthy salads taste incredible. On most of my visits I’ve enjoyed the ‘kale detox’ salad as it’s so delicious but there are plenty of options for all eating styles. When it comes to customisation, I think it could be a bit better. The food is laid out fresh however is created in the kitchen behind, so you can’t have a salad without/with something, you have to take what you’re given – but fortunately this is pretty good!

The prices are reasonable, lower than a lot of cafe’s/fast food places in the city and the food and experience is far better than any near me. It is definitely my favourite place to eat in the City of London. Additionally, on your first visit you can pick up a loyalty card which you can register online and gain £5 credit – well worth it!

Flavour Garden is a good place for breakfast, lunch or dinner with drinks, they have a few different wine nights and offers on.  I’ve put it across all 3 categories as it definitely fits in all, however have reviewed as a cafe as opposed to a restaurant as I think it fit’s better here.

I’m a big fan, but would love to see more ability to customise. Have you been? What did you have?


Over all FoodofMe Rating

  • Service and attitude 75%
  • Options for all eating types 80%
  • Ability to customise 65%
  • Taste 90%
  • Value for money 80%
  • Location 75%