Las Iguanas is a fresh, authentic Latin American restaurant. With over 50 restaurants across the UK, Tortilla Tuesday and a wide selection of food and cocktails it’s pretty much perfect. The menu is really varied, including a specific vegetarian and vegan menu which is completely gluten free. I’m a massive fan as it’s a really easy place to take a large group as there is something for everyone and you can be as picky as you want (apart from martinis aren’t in the 2 for 1 happy hour which is hugely upsetting).

I have visited a few different branches and always had a really good experience with the food and staff. The music is often a bit too loud in the Southbank branch, however that’s just being picky.IMG_2146

The menu’s vary slightly depending on which restaurant you go to, but not by a lot. I’ve had a few different meals including a few of the salads, the sweet potato fries, and the three mushroom fajita – all really tasty. The photo above is the fiesta ensalada without the dressing (I’m not a big fan of dressings)

The good

  • The taste
  • Great place for a group – everyone’s happy
  • Easily customisable

The bad

  • Can’t think of much – apart from the martinis!

You can’t not like Las Iguanas, unless you get unlucky! Let us know what you think 🙂


Over all FoodofMe Rating

  • Service and attitude 75%
  • Ability to customise 95%
  • Taste 95%
  • Value for money 80%
  • Location 80%
  • Overall experience 80%

Suitable for:

✓ Vegan

✓ Vegetarian and Pescatarian

✓ Low Carb

✓ Intolerances (Dairy and Gluten) some of the salads contain traces of wheat

✓ Allergies – from the variety on the menu I’d like to think yes – but let me know if otherwise!