The Natural Kitchen (NK) is a Restaurant, ‘Food to Go-Deli’ and Caterer with 7 stores in central (ish) London. It started in 2009 in Marylebone and has slowly grown. As the title states, NK is focused on providing fresh, natural foods which they source from suppliers who they ‘Partner’ with to ensure their food is aligned with their values.

I went to visit the Restaurant in Trinity Square in the City which opened in 2012. It’s based in a slightly odd location, attached to a Hilton which feels wrong when you’re going there but makes sense once you’re there. The restaurant is very bright, with high ceilings and a good buzz, a mix of tourists and health conscious city workers. It achieves a lot for just one restaurant, with a ‘restaurant’ feel in the middle, a cafe in the corner and a deli in the centre as well as outdoor seating in the Summer. It’s somewhere you could go alone or for a lunch with friends or colleagues. The Food is tasty and well presented but quite pricey. I went for the Deli salad with some salmon which cost about £9. A lot of an ‘on the go’ meal however a good price for the quality, and I had it put on a plate and sat in, so it felt like a perfectly customized meal in a nice restaurant, so I was pretty happy.

I’m yet to go back for an actual sit down, service meal and a breakfast, which I’d like to do as I feel that it definitely fits this feel more than the rushed ‘grab and go’ feeling, better to stick to Pret or Tossed for that however if you aren’t bothered about the cost of your lunch I’d say this is a great choice for healthy food which is tasty. I plan to visit the Waterloo store next, it’s great to have somewhere like this in a train station instead of Burger King etc!

Despite the price, The Natural Kitchen is, of course, approved and recommended. I didn’t find the staff very endearing, in fact they treated me a bit like an idiot for not knowing the process however, this can be sorted and the tasty food and ease of customisation to fit your dietary needs makes it worth it!

Have you been? What did you think?


Over all FoodofMe Rating

  • Service and attitude 65%
  • Ability to customise 95%
  • Taste 80%
  • Value for money 60%
  • Location 75%
  • Overall experience 80%

Suitable for:

✓ Vegan

✓ Vegetarian and Pescatarian

✓ Low Carb

✓ Intolerances (Dairy and Gluten) some of the salads contain traces of wheat

✓ Allergies – from the variety on the menu I’d like to think yes – but let me know if otherwise!