In my opinion, Pizza Express does the best Pizza in the world. I think it’s because my family and I always went there when we were children, but even now I am rarely disappointed. Pizza express has been hugely adaptable over the recent years, bringing a gluten free pizza base, tasty salads with lots of variety and even a vegan Pizza. I’m safe in the knowledge that if Pizza express is my only option, I’ll be able to find something to eat, and this is true for all eating styles. The menu is here.

  • Gluten and dairy free pizzas for those with intolerances (although all the Pizza Express dough is dairy free so you are pretty safe!)
  • The Leggera pizza (half a pizza with a salad) for those on calorie restricted diets
  • Vegan pizza and the superfood salad for vegetarians/vegans
  • Low carb salads including tuna nicoise, chicken caeser and the pollo – all of which are suitable for atkins/paleo eaters
  • Pizza express also have a ‘Personalise your pizza’ section on their menu, showing that they’re open to customers being specific with what they want.

For this review I visited the Pizza Express in Herne Hill, South East London. I went with a friend and we shared the two vegan options, the superfood salad and the vegan pizza ‘Pianta’. The Pianta pizza is around 850 calories and the superfood salad is around 400 so we thought we’d be good and add in the salad which we were pleased we did 🙂

The good:

  • The service was great (my waiter was vegan!)
  • The food was really tasty, the superfood salad is huge and full of flavour, you defintely won’t be depressed if you’re on a diet here (dressing on the side obviously)
  • Great value for money – especially if it’s a weekday and you have a Tastecard

The bad:

  • The pizza was slightly cold and not the best looking as it is really covered in rocket, but I still loved it

Thoroughly impressed by Pizza Express and what is has to offer for the specific eaters out there! Pizza Express definitely gives you permission to be picky.

Eating styles welcome:

✓ Vegan
✓ Vegetarian and Pescatarian
✓ Low Carb (Atkins and Paleo)
✓ Intolerances (Dairy and Gluten)
✓ Allergies


Over all FoodofMe Rating

  • Service and attitude 80%
  • Ability to customise 80%
  • Taste 75%
  • Value for money 85%
  • Location 85%
  • Overall Experience 90%