Although technically a ‘sandwich shop’, Pret is definitely seen as one of the healthier high street cofee shops, compared to the Starbucks and Costas of the world. Pret is more focused on food then coffee and have a huge range of salads, soups, wraps and sandwiches which are prepared fresh in store every day. Pret has done a great job at providing a variety of options which mean that anyone and everyone can find something to enjoy, they even have a hot food area.

The good

  • The huge range of healthy options is definitely the best part of pret, sandwiches of different styles, lots of fruit and even snack packets containing nuts and coconut. You can go on their site and specifiy if you’re vegan/vegetarian and it will advise you what is best to eat.
  • Pret is everywhere, especially in London
  • Staff – I’ve always found the staff to be really good and attentive
  • ‘Veggie Pret’ – possibly the most exciting news of September 16 is the growth of the ‘Veggie Pret’, currently only one store strong they’re expecting to expand soon

The bad

  • If just buying a salad or fruit it’s quite expensive, a falafel mezze salad and mango smoothie will set you back £7.55 if eating in
  • A lot of the salads and sandwiches have cheese or some other dairy component to them which seems unnecessary

We knew we’d be approving Pret, and the fact that ‘Veggie Pret’ is on it’s way is just too exciting!


Over all FoodofMe Rating

  • Service and attitude 90%
  • Options for all eating types 80%
  • Ability to customise 75%
  • Taste 85%
  • Value for money 70%
  • Location 90%

Eating styles welcome:

✓ Vegan

✓ Vegetarian and Pescatarian

✓ Low Carb (Atkins and Paleo)

✓ Intolerances (Dairy and Gluten)

✓ Allergies – obviously allergy dependent – if a soya or nut allergy then it is probably best to advise as the foods are prepared in the same area